Loyalty in Vienna


I am sitting in the plane to Vienna. Feel horrible at the moment, with fever, and pain in all my body. Wish I rather stayed in bed, and rested for few days, but than I think why not exploring something else than house. I never been in Vienna, so I should be excited, but I’m not really. Who knows maybe it is a good sign. Whenever we get to excited, it usually doesn’t turn the way we expected or excitement exceed the expectation. Sometimes, we still can get pleasantly surprised in life. Some people, that are not around you all the time, decide to travel to Vienna to see me and support me when I need support most. But interestingly, people who we support in years, just vanish when we need them. My question to me, and people around is , who is really loyal? People close to us, one we do things for, including children, or it could be people who live far away, but are ready to stand for you when you need it most? What is loyalty ? Meaning of that simple, but rather complex word? I try to add, or better say make my own definition of different words. Loyalty in my world, means, to give people emotional support when they need, sometimes it is cuddle, sometimes it could be words, kiss, smile. Being loyal, doesn’t necessary mean, to be close, we can be loyal to all human beings as such if we want to. Unfortunately, many of us, choose not to be, and to escape the crises, because we have our fears and do not know how to handle situations. Some will say, let it be , act busy and like you didn’t notice that the person need someone in a moment, and than when we meet we will all smile, and say, ohhhh so sorry, I was so busy, had my own stuff going on. Anyway, all we need to do, to test loyalty, is just to send few emails, or simple txt, and see how people will react. Worst kind is the one who does not respond at all, those are lost souls, selfish, self oriented , and so sure that they have it all. They are not loyal to them selves, so how you can expect those characters can be loyal friend to anyone? Than, there is other category, so called people with double standards, I know few of them. Those are very sad personalities, they criticize, their close friends how they treat other people, and judge them, call them names, but they do exactly the same, or even worse things, and don’t see it. And than you have people, who are real personalities, have their own values, and they just travel from other country, to see you in one coffee shop, have a coffee with you, give you cuddle, and have a few laughs … They are loyal, they are nice, the y are really good people, not lost souls, but rather macho people I will call them. Thank you my friends, for last evening in Vienna, it was fun, and I can’t wait to meet you this evening again :-)… They even made my cold and fever to look good at me …I feel sorry for all lost desert souls, who are hiding and biting their nails, and act invisible , I hope that they will reach the hope for their lost desert souls and find themselves if for nothing else, for their children, to make a better world :-)..