Lunch with a good friend

Yesterday, I had a lunch with an old friend, ex boss. It was so nice to see him again. He really changed, and look so good, fresh, and nice 🙂 like from a song Kool and a gang – Fresh ;-). We chat, and chat, and I believe, sometimes change brings just positive things in life. God, close one door in life, to open another one better I guess. Also, what is nice is that when you have trust to a person, than you can really be yourself, and speak free, and cherish the time behind but also, cherish the time ahead of you. Things in life happen with a reason, I used to say, and that is correct. And, more important, once you are on top, standing there cruel, and get up your own supply, you should know, that the time when you will be down is just around the corner, bcs it is a balance in nature… Greed is good, but also should have a limit. Moment, when we start thinking that the world is mine, I can have it all, and can go over dead bodies, is the moment when we commit suicide, and the self dead will come slowly but painfully … In the meantime, I try always to control, and keep my head up, and still have this caring personality and not to loose it, bcs once you lose it than it is over – for yourself.



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