Dinja, is Serbian actress and comedian. She made me laugh the other few days, with such a crazy, funny, but true clips on youtube. Some I really love, and are good to remember – first when the mum is sitting on the parent-teacher meeting, and you know the situation when teacher ask, if someone has something to ask them, so mum answer – yes, i have a question – how long will last this your bull shitting, bcs I am in a hurry, there is cooked rakia waiting for me :-)…LOL…Second one when she wants to get married, and is posting the announce in the agency that will search for potential lucky one or…So she represents herself as ugly, horrible person, with not such a good memory, that is egocentric maniac, doesn’t do anything in the house, and she loves that all things are done for her, she has a big mouth, and she is looking for someone to disfigure his life – code – Sado-Mazo :-)…I still cannot stop laughing really…she has it all, charismatic, funny, face that is so convincing, and represent just what many of really think, but we fake, and act different, and do not want to say those things that we really have in mind.




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