It is very interesting how people think and see things. Few days ago I posted one quote about psychopaths and over 400 people view my post but no one liked or shared! I wonder why? Bcs they recognize themselves, or  they recognize someone close to them so they got scared of the fact or… they just show fear of human population, and doesn’t want to be involved with the things that are different? Who knows, but actually the post is true…I know few psychopaths myself! They are around us, dressed nice, act nicely, like real gentlemen, so carrying, open to help and be there for you, but it is all fake! So knowing the signs of them, is very helpful, just for yourself, not for them. They are like a gangrenous leg, you cannot do anything for the leg, but you can remove it from the  body and continua living, and let the rotten thing be burned!

Image result for quote about psychopaths


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