Retreat today

I do not consider myself as very social person, I am not antisocial ether but I will rather be observer than active participant in some activities. So far many retreats I did attend turned to be not so well organized but today was different. Even if I was very sceptical to start with, and dropped at the ramp of resort, and had to walk for 10 min early in the morning – which was nice actually even was cold, the things turned to be surprisingly funny. I listened to people presentations about themselves, and I’m impressed how look and interests doesn’t always make a match or even sense. It was nice to hear that so many man really care about their children and families and makes me hope that not all man are outsiders who doesn’t like their own kind. I did manage to meet some people I never had a chance to speak more than hello, and discover that they have interesting hobbies or interests in general. Also, I did manage to take a part in small acting activity which was really funny … cream on top is workshop in how to make chocolate!!!!!! I’m looking forward to tasting it eventually though…I must admit I’m not active in making chocolate but I guess that someone has to participate actively in other part of the story – tasting it…. and most of all, this place has a lot of memories such as that the love story of mine started here few years ago, and now the person is dead but the memories will live and stay in my and our loving baby… I will be here tomorrow again, and probably never again, but for sure every time I taste a hot chocolate anywhere, will remind me on the resort and many other things that follow…. Many people will stay to sleep over, party and dance, but I will just stay for a dinner and go home… I look myself and ask why you don’t stay to dance, but I guess you can’t dance if your wings are broken, but I will do sooner or later, bcs even if the person dies, the love remains until the end of time as in 2Pac song :-)….

Love Silvija


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