Dementia and tribute to my father

How to start this..We all think how powerful are we, strong, we can do most of the things and nothing can stop us. Until something really stop us, big time. This is dedicated to my father. I consider him one of two man in my life who are my best friends. He is the first one and second one is my son Stefan. I do not trust any other man or ever will except two of them! All rest can never come close to them, in terms of private relationships. My dad, was a mathematician on the first place, very smart, thought me to all math magic and that all can be expressed in numbers. He was so right, yes, all can be expressed in numbers and we all have or number definitely. He was always energetic, unstoppable, in  move, able to do everything. He spoke few languages, did sports, and studied until he was almost 80 yrs old. I always thought, he will be moving whole life, and it can never end… However, a few yrs ago he started forgetting things, minor one, light version of being lost in the 21st century… Did not seem anything unusual, bcs we all forget things here and there. But…things got worse, and worse, and recently they progressed to that level that ow my dad is an disabled man. He is in a special ward, fixed to the chair most of the day…still in some occasions remember who am I, which makes me cry each time I visit. It means just one thing, that he really loved me unconditionally, he was my biggest support for all i did in my life. He was always there to give all he could and wise advice when time was difficult. Even now, when I asked him what is happiness he looked and said that there are not true happiness unless you have your child, than you do  not know. And when I asked him what is love, he said it is if you can spend bad times together…I did ask him, what if someone leaves you and does not care about you anymore at all…he said the smart thing – ignore that person, and do not have any contact anymore bcs it is not a nice person, it is an monster and does not deserve any attention!!!!!!!!!!!! That is coming from man with severe dementia, who does not know his name really well anymore… Dad, even you are not the same, I know that you love me same as you did before, and I want to thank you for all support you gave to me. You could vanish and abandon me as some men ( who call themselves father!!!!) did, but you did not and you were there for me…You should know that I feel very sorry for what is happening to you, and that i wish I did all those years research in dementia field instead oncology, and found the magic pill to solve your issue… I will always miss you, now, and once you die…

Thank you

Your Baby girl



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