Unwanted dog that comes back…

Did you ever think how it is strange, that you kick a dog and he keeps coming back to you. You do not want him, and you ar not nice to him, but still he is there waiting…I am inspired by the movie I saw recently, girl on the train… I always wonder, why is so??? Why animals keeps being loyal to us even we behave horrible to them. Is it the feeling that they have, that we all, even if we are worse people in the world, still can be good and human??? Someone recently told me a very interesting thing…. even a murderous, and horrible people, can be nice to someone in occasions.. True, even Hannibal Lecter had an strong emotions to the agent woman… But question is how to change our mind, and turn back to Hannibal??? And look your life… Can you just forget all and move on, erase past, and write the future??? I do not know anymore…. Sometimes I think it is all illusion, almost confusion, but than I think no, wait the min…it is all real, it is evil thing…Wish I have answer to something, but I do not… I just wonder what happens in most cases with that unwanted dog??? Does he get killed bcs its annoying??? Or it ends like in the movie??? Who knows>…and who cares….





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