What is that in the life, world and people that inspire us? Sometimes, I am inspired by the good intentions, but in occasions anger can kick in and inspire me to do big things and achieve even more than I expected. Do we need to be inspired, to be successful in life? After so many years of work and life experience, i can conclude per today, that the only way to have a small chance for success is to do things that inspire you. Thank you can give yourself in and rock it. It is very hard to do things, live life, and go on day by day, with things that are not so inspiring..That can in the reality make to an average persona, and level, but cannot really bring you to the stars. How to define inspiration, how to find it??? fear is our biggest enemy, that damn anxiety to let it all go, and be yourself, and do things. Inspiration must be everywhere…I look, and I see things that inspire me, and I want to grab them and do it, but I cannot bcs they are not really things that will make money, that will pay my bills, and they can be just the side thing I can do when I grab some time. However, that are the right things for me i base. How to get rid of anxiety, and fear of not doing the right things??? how to bridge it and let be yourself…That small number of people, who manage it they are very successful and happy. They do work hard, and not work hard in the same time…It is paradox, but true. When you do things that inspire you, you might appear to other people doing hard, but actually, inspiration is motivation of your mental state, and the hard part is a pleasure, and who can be tired of pleasure… Who knows, I might be able to manage to get rid of the society bonds one day, and be one of the rare people who belong to themselves ..




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