Chanel forever!

Chanel..I think one of the most sophisticated brands ever. Not that I love all the models, but the original, vintage one for sure. This will be always in, and you can never go wrong with those shoes, or simple black and white combination. You have touch of elegance, sophistication, and you do look sexy. And what does it mean looking sexy? Wearing open blouse, and short skirt? Flashing your body all over the place? I personally, prefer to keep best for the best part of evening :-). But, taste is different, and as age change that is how our fantasy and taste change :-)…so please, who knows… For sure we should work to develop our own style and try to be original, no matter what is it,. Chanel (I vote for it and Edward Achour) bcs every original is always better than fake imitation …

In the meantime, enjoy the view on Chanel everlasting shoes, they did change the history of shoes in one way…






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