Hiding and Survivor

Just now I google myself, and I can see some of mine pic and my blog, G+, amazing. Finally I do not need to hide anymore. I am coming from communist country, where I was thought by my parents, mostly father, that since I am Jew by my mum, and Catholic by my father, we are not politically appropriate, so we should keep low profile and not expose, bcs someone can do something, or point finger to me. Than I did grow, and still it was war, so let’s hide…My first husband, did hide me also from his family, and after the fact who am I really, where my roots are from ect…Than I met second husband, one that i did marry with bcs of papers, and we did not have love for each other, but it was rather like good friends getting married with occasional benefits. He had real issue, he was hiding everywhere. We will in occasions speak over the phone but we cannot mention things, bcs “they” can hear us! I never really understood, who are they, but I guess someone important and with influence. But, who we are? I do not consider myself so important, and I guess that “they” can be after some more dangerous people, than one simple woman and man having phone conversation. Than, finally that funny relationship has ended, and I meet love of my life. Mr right! I do feel good I can say, I did met a man I could love… Guess what! He was hiding me again…for yrs, it was an inappropriate relationship, so we did hide, from his ex wife, family, friends, work, street, school…we even hide a child!!!! Incredible…Finally, even I love Mr Right, I am free of him too. That was to much hiding for me, and I am person, that love freedom before everything and everyone! Freedom is priceless! That is why now I decided, I will not hide anymore, people can google my name and look me up. All I write is available and visible to world, and I am not scared who will say what and what people will think! I simply do not care, I just care now what feels good for me. I teach my children, to be free, express themselves, not be ashamed of who they are…enjoy freedom… My friend from Miami told me once while he was getting divorced, and spend loads of money for attorneys, that divorce is expensive bcs freedom is priceless! He was so right!

Happy Friday, and be yourself, always, who cannot accept that, should go and hide 🙂 I choose to be seen 🙂




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