Miami heat in Brussels

Saturday is almost over. What a day, what an evening! almost 6 years packed in few hrs..and still managed to eat! I consider this as an sucess really. My friend from Miami, came to see me, just bcs of me, and bcs he likes me the way I am. Finally I did not need to hide, or pretend. In a chilly, windy Brussels night, I could feel the heat of Miami all of the sudden. It was not cold and empty anymore, and the warm of smile, and evening brought me to believe that still real friends exist. I love people who are open minded, free, not stuck in the morality that is served by society. 2st century, does not bring any more moral, if the moral exists at all. Let’s leave this topic for some other time, since I can write a book just thinking about it. Miami will always have a special place in my heart. My Julia is born there, I met so many nice people, successful, brave, and interesting. Smart, and nasty at the same time. But I did love all of that in them, even the nasty side of them I did appreciate. Not all can be nasty in a sophisticated way. We spoke about so many things, laughing, crying, but being happy to exchange the reality, and conclude that the light at the end of tunnel is always there, just depend if we are on the curve of tunnel and cannot see it, or we are looking straight. I did remember all evenings going to different places in Miami, every evening, with no exception. Even the storm could not top us to check some of the places. Watching people dancing and not dare to step to dance? Yes, so many times…but I can dance in my soul, and feel like I am flying and dancing. Some people just know life, have to cope with many situations for years, since young age. That made my friend to be sharp, and to see things that others cannot see. That is why, even not in Miami, I could feel the heat. And it felt good, warm, nice, familiar and could for the moment feel the gap i miss for sometime. It was just a glance…however nothing can shine . However I realized one thing tonight, and that is – ” don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner”.





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