Socially acceptable or not?

This world is so full of rules, strict and rigorous. I wonder, do we need to follow the rules? Are we socially acceptable if we play how the others, tailored for us? An who are the others? Why someone in some place, knows what is good and I do not. How people dare to judge each others, just because someone ïmportant”said that is how it supposed to be? Personally, I disagree with those statements. I hate those rules, made from people with double standards. Just if someone has a money, does it necessary mean that he/she is correct in all what they are doing, and others are not? Socially is unacceptable to be totally honest! So, we can be honest, but just in small doses, so that we do not hurt other person if we say what we really think. On the other hand, it is strictly, unacceptable to be a liar! Does it really make sense???? NO! Our society, want us to be liars in small doses, so it means it is acceptable to lie or better to not sa what we really think. We are thought since a childhood, to make double standards. One friend told me in many occasions, he does not tell the truth to his wife, such as that he does not love her, that he is disgusting of her thin lips for years, and that he is having many serious relationships in parallel, just bcs she likes to live in a fantasy world and think everything is fine. He does not want to hurt her feelings, since it will be unacceptable, and she will feel crap, but it is better to smile in her face and make her believe that they are happily married! So, my question is, who is here a liar??? He, she, both??? Am I wrong person?? I was always different, that is how kids saw me from primary school, and it continua through life! I will always tell what i think, and my mum used to tell me it is wrong, do not say what is on your mind…And partially she was right, that my socially unacceptable personality, or better say way of speaking, and communicating, telling truth, and how i really see things, costet me in many occasions, that i was kicked out, people will laugh of me…but on the long run, it brought me up, and i did manage despite being=different, to do something in my life… I can laugh to many around me, socially acceptable people, how stupid they are in my eyes, naive, and now tell me who is acceptable, or unacceptable??? And what is the society…is it just a mask for the liars, to dose better, or who is lying to whom??? At the end we just lie ourselves, and that is what we cannot do, bcs at the end of story, when we stay alone, we do know what we did, and we cannot lie our own mind even if we want… Be brave to be honest, first to yourselv, and than to others….it is more acceptable on the long run…




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