What century are we living in? Ohhh yes, 21st 🙂 of course. Most of the things are about the money. And, yes, people still argue that money cannot buy happiness, but we all, including me, are working and waiting for the paycheck at the end of month. So, I ask you, what is it if not about the money? Many women, claim they are not gold diggers, but don’t let be fooled, they will not go for the broke either. It is very strange time we are living in. I am coming from communist time, and I remember very well, communist system, and that socially equal levels. We did not have much, but no one was really broke. That time we still had things for free, and somehow could laugh much harder, and live with way less stress than today. Still, today, we know that concept of money is not quite good and acceptable, so we throw quotes about happiness, and interest in just humanity, but I do not see anyone around working for free? Sorry, yes I see some mothers in school organizing voluntarily Christmas Market, and some “charity” events, but all of that will cost me, or others guess what money!   I have a feeling that all rest is gone, vanished in some other dimension, or maybe left behind in some other time, and that today, all is about money. I do not see it as wrong, I rather dislike the double standards of people who are trying to hide their greed behind quotes, and different words, while at the end they are first all about money. Truly, with money you cannot buy happiness, but you can buy security in life. You can afford all those fancy things, or whatever is fancy for you (since expression fancy is personally determined), and in feeling of security, there are in some small dose implemented the feeling of happiness. Still, with money you can travel, which can bring some change in life, and it is easier to be unhappy in some exotic destination (whatever is excotic for you), than being hungry and unhappy. When I think more about it, I ask myself, if there is anything today that has no price? Art? And yes, I have one thing I consider priceless! It is life! Or better say, giving birth to a child! Being blessed to get pregnant, and having a child, watching how it grows, and being part of that. Yes, I think that is priceless! I am not against abortion, and believe that we should all have right to decide, but I can say for myself, that I do have few things that I will never accept money for. One thing is keeping the pregnancy. My believe is that God is not giving us what we cannot handle. Therefore, I still could find in this material world one thing that is truly priceless, at least for me. At this moment, I cannot think about anything else, I can truly call priceless…Unfortunately, I am not sure if it is me who is wrong and material? Maybe…or I am just living in material world, packed with commercial things that are floating around us…Is it sad? Might be if I think on the long run, but in general, I believe that this is just one new level of living, and new era, where money are dominant, and we made it that way. All of us…in some level contributed that this 21st century, in this early stage is mostly about turn over…stil about being truly human in some level. But to be human, and to really help people, cost again…so it is an magic circle, that we are spinning in, faster, and faster, more stress, more work, to make things happen, so we can have small amounts, someone else will have bigger, and than all over again….humanity is somewhere in that circle which is light at the end of tunnel called life.

Welcome to 21st century 🙂






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