Pink Roses

Honestly, i was convinced all my life that I love just white roses! All rest was nice, but never beautiful, and nothing could ever compare with white roses. It was like that all the way until the other evening, I did not receive Pink Roses :-)…I was very surprised, that someone can send me something else, really. For the moment I thought that it must be mistake, and that delivery is for the house next door, but then I see my name on the card! Wait a min, my BD is in June, Christmas is not here yet, and yes, my feelings are never wrong, I knew it before I saw the signature, and yes, I was very happy. Old friend, one that was almost my husband, but I guess it was just not meant to happen, said, I know you love white roses, but I know that is time for change, so why you do not try pink one and see how it feels? Also, I thought you might enjoy dinner in Jeux d’hiver as well, so I booked the place for you and someone who you consider special, since I am in Orlando, and cannot share the evening with you, but can try to do something you love and it is to surprise you as I know you do not expect this :-)… Ahhhhhhh,for a moment I thought, yes, you are crazy man, but I love it, and you know me so well, better than anyone else. I think he knows things about me that I do not even know. And, here are some pic I took, I realized I do like pink roses as well, and I especially love those…

Thank you Boss…dinner was just perfect, and I did share it with myself…



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