Man from the train

Today, I came back home after 5 days of being in London. Day started very early, and I was so tired, after long evening at Oxford Theatre night before. I did my 5K running, and packed my stuff. Somehow, by magic, or my shopaholic side of personality I manage to arrive light, but traveling back is always a challenge. I was tired, took taxi to train station, and took a nap as well. I could not dream I will meet a most beautiful man in my life! I sit in coach 12, seat 45, taking out my iPad and getting ready to watch some of my good mood boosters movies I have :-). But than, I see him!!!! He has a short blond hair, coloured, eyes to kill, not blond, or maybe very, very light blond one, almost silver or white. Like a snow queen from Narnia. He wears an orange sweater, but it was colour like and fresh squeezed orange. His face is just perfect, lips, smile, skin.. Man, it is not attraction to someone, it is like and Greek God sitting on the seat 32, living one! Train started to move towards Brussel direction, and usually I am sad, and down, full of different thoughts and watch the remains of London, how it stays further and further away…But this time, I can tell you, I did not spot train moving at all. I stand up, and decide to move across of him… We started conversation right away, you know when you just click with someone in a nanosecond. He speaks my language as well…and we start talking, different things…He is 29, beautiful, he tells me his life story, and I was watching his lips moving and his face, his perfectly pearly teeth, white… I can be his mother…It was such a strange feeling, I did not notice time is passing, he was so full of energy, smiling, so many stories from all over the world….It was an attraction to personality, and I admired his beauty. He is gay, from recently, was not until 2-3 yrs ago…No I was not disappointed, I was glad it is this way, so he can be my friend. I was blown away by his beauty…perfect face symmetry, way he speaks, how he is full of joy and life. I could not move my eyes from him! Did not blink I think hahahahaha, just full impression by someone who has it all. Magic of the moment that lasted 2 hrs was interrupted by the announce that we are approaching Brussels… My Mr Adonis and me exchanged phone nrs, and agree we will meet for a coffee, and he promised he will take me to dancing party, and I love dancing… It is a different sort of attraction to someone, not like woman to a man, or fatal attraction, he came as an inspiration, as a refreshment…like a hope for a desert soul. Even if I never meet with him, I think he is a man, that deserves that special attention. I told him you are so young, and you have it all…enjoy your life. He gave a kiss when we were exiting, and he vanished in the ocean of people, but I will remember him for a long time… He reminds me on the Yazoo song – Ode to a boy, yes it is just him…I love the song, but could not ever connect her to anyone in particular, but now I can say, yes this song is made for him :-)…




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