There are time in life when the change is needed. Usually, we do not like changes since the known, everyday life is something we can surely count on, but change brings so much uncertain things, future we fear off. But in reality, fear is just in our heads, as well as limits are! I believe in secret of life, and that we can do everything we want, no matter how impossible it seems in the moment.All is possible, and even what is impossible is doable! Sad side of story is that most of the people do not believe they can change something, and even when they have a chance they have also so many why – not, and all is coming from being insecure, scared of the new things…so most will end up in the same ocean swimming in the circle, and not dare to make the move. I decided not to be one of the ocean fishes, but rather the one that will swim alone, but far away and experience new things. If I have a company on the way, it is nice, if not, sometimes it is easier to swim alone, than having who will pull you down and back, because that person is scared of deep water. Change start with the way how we think, and how we see things. It is all matter of decision. I decided to make that change now…and I will do it again if needed, and again, and again…even the day I die will be a change and something new… No fear, just move on :-), in unknown deep ocean until it last…




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