Just came back from gym-running :-)..and looking around me. Happy family homes decorated for Christmas, people are running around exhausted, shopping presents, food supply, so that on the Christmas Eve and first Christmas day all can be just perfect! You know that, like families get together, exchange presents, that many of them do not like, and many do not like each other ether, but all appear happy and in love for at least one day! Some really are, I do not deny that there are really happy people around, don’t get me wrong, but I know so many that will during the family time, txt their lovers and mistress while sitting with wife’s at the dinner. So, it is all for me just Controversy! This year, I will have a different approach to the Holiday Season after many years of faking. Finally, many that I will spend on presents (and I was saving for a long time, for a very special Christmas/ B Day present that was ordered…but thanks God possible to cancel and refund the money :-)), than cakes (to impress future family in law to be), flowers (you know this big roses, all nicely decorated), than small presents for everyone, nicely warped, so that all can shine under the Christmas Tree – I said NO! This is time when all is about me, and instead of spending all that money, which is not the worst thing, since I like to give money away to people, bcs I believe in giving…but energy, time, you know this shivering, and running around that all is just to impress…- I impress just myself this year…26th of December, starts a big sale all over, so all those things will be 50% off :-)…and I will go and celebrate in Tara Jarmon, Caludie Pierlot, Sandro, possibly Dior bag for guess who – ME :-)…and than will spice up with very sophisticated lingerie – Aubade, so I can sit and feel the rest of the year good knowing that it is not just Victoria that has a Secret, but I have a Secret too :-). And my Darling ladies (and gentleman- yes there are still those rare kind:-)), I will not feel guilty at all! Kids, they receive presents all year around, and do not need a thing, and do not even know what is it all about, but I will give an example to my daughters, that it is at the end of self respect…I will not be tired, unhappy, worried, and start the year worse than I ended, but rather, will be happy, and ready for the big things to come – so soon will come new pictures of me, bcs THE BEST IS ABOUT TO COME .

Gemoji image for :kiss  Silvija with love


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