Paris, je t’aime

Ahhhh, I love Paris. I do love London too, NY, Miami…all places are nice and special in some way, but Paris has it something sophisticated, and special. I am not sure if it is cabaret that it offers, or restaurants, fashion, or combination of all of it together. City even smells different, it is like you are walking through the perfume park, and even it is cold,and not  quite for following the fashion, it does breath with class, and style. I think that completed my tour in the most famous cabaret’s and I still can say that Crazy Horse is the best! Absolutely the winner. I saw the show in Las Vegas 12 yrs ago or so, and I was in love in the performance since. Last night I was fortunate enough to enjoy it once again, and since it was in Paris, it was way better. Listen, that is just to watch, I did have some dinner, I do not drink, but there you do not need that at all!!!! Girls are so sexy, I am actually not sure if I can call it sexy, I call it rather art. Like Armando Huerta work :-). That was a nice way to wrap up the 2016 and think about priorities in 2017 :-). One of them is definitely, higher doses of Paris and boost of sophistication it carries in every time of the year.




15 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime

  1. I love Paris as well, but in recent years getting there has been fraught with danger. Four years ago we were going to fly there (from Arizona) but my wife broke her ankle the night before we left. This year we visited my son and d-i-l in Amsterdam; the day before we were to take the train to Paris, I fell deathly ill. Paris is hazardous to the health!

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  2. Thanks for sharing, I am planning to go to Paris this year to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I love this short video you shared. I would love to check it out when we get there.
    Like you, Paris is my most favorite city in the world next is Chicago. I love Chicago and it was #1 in my heart for a long time until I met Paris then I fell in love. LOL. 😉
    Thanks for the “follow”… following you back and looking forward to reading your great posts!
    Bisous Bisous xox

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