Today I met very nice people. I wonder how nice people, and dissent can produce child that is all but not nice, and that is mean and evil? I guess that most of mothers who gave birth to murderous ask the same question. Is it a genetic mutation? Or what makes us evil and to treat badly other people and enjoy their misery? I never feel good when I see that someone is in trouble, that someone is in bad situation…I will always wonder why people have need to be evil, and do bad things to other people? Is it money? Power? Love? Or need to be loved and have attention? Anyway, I am glad that my child finally met her family, no matter who was sitting across and acting like I care, bcs we all know when we are alone, and look ourselves in a mirror how much we really care, and who we care about! My children are my world, my everything! My rising stars, and they are happy, smiley and they do love me truly! At least, they do not fake feelings. All rest in life will pass, and go eventually, but children they stay for ever and are treasury that is growing every day. I am blessed to enjoy their kisses and smiles, others I consider looser’s. After all, we are how we treat other people, and first how we treat our children, than we are all rest. Integrity is what is all about, being a human being. We never know what carry day or night, and when the one that is down today will be up, bcs circle of happiness is spinning and today maybe someone else is crying and the other one is enjoying and feeling huge and pumped ego, but it does change bcs tears are very powerful bullets that hits and hurt more than anything else…and they hit sooner or later, and never miss!




12 thoughts on “Afternoon

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your post. There are peple who is jovial but some may not . It doesn’t matter. We should have tounderstand them and be careful in our look so cute . I love u.

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