Hello 2017 😍 😘 πŸ’“

I do not want to celebrate 2017 yet, but I doesn’t want to celebrate the end of 2016 either since we should celebrate best things, and this year was not quite as such. I do not understand celebration of New year at all, since how we can celebrate something we do not know what will bring? We all hope for best, but I rather say Hello 2017, and wait until 31st of December to see if there is a reason for celebration or not. If it turn out really good, as I feel, than I will have a big party, otherwise, I will go to movies as I will do tonight to watch Star Wars, alone, with snack and coca cola hahahaha, and enjoy the 3D film in theater. In summary, I am glad it is last day of the 2016…will I remember this year, who knows, maybe in few months to come, but in general once the good things come over, who cares about the things in past. But, and there are always that famous BUT ( and it is not BUTT :-)), we should forgive, but never forget, forgiving is good, it is blessing, and I already forgive to all long time it happened, but to forget, that need more effort to be put in…So, my dear friends, one that like me, and other that do not like me, no matter what, say Hello to 2017, special year to come…We are what we believe, and I believe it will be good…and the summary will be in a year :-)…until than I will continua writing and expressing myself in a free way, finally not hiding, and being glad I can stand behind my words. Nothing can replace that feeling of freedom, and saying things and standing behind it! Truth and honesty are good on the long run…




25 thoughts on “Hello 2017 😍 😘 πŸ’“

  1. Did you enjoy Star Wars? Mty children have been and loved it. I’m yet to see it but have every intention of doing that. I actually enjoy going to the movies on my own at time s. Being a big kid at heart some of my favourite movies are the animated ones. Most of them are brilliant with big messages for everyone. I did enjoy Avatar too – saw it many times ! Unusual for me to see a movie so often.

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