Château (Castle) de la Poste 💒

Castles are such amazing places..can be quite good for getaway and enjoying few days off. This one, was similar to Miranda Castle experience I had this summer, but with a big difference – we could sleep over, enjoy nice dinner, nice morning after and have fun all together. Place dates from 1884, and is transformed into hotel in 2009. Forest is breathtaking, even it was cold, rainy and windy, still could not ruin the feeling of perfect place and good atmosphere. It remained me in Pride and Prejudice movie, when Elisabeth Bennet, walks early morning in the fields thinking and enjoying the cold weather, but she is kept warm in her heart by the love to Mr Darcy! Ahhhh, this is so classy, love in the air with many positive and negative happenings, small fights, tears, but with happy end…because Happy End is for the stories that are not finished yet. Some people, might arrive n company of Mr or Mrs Right so they can enjoy that perfection more…some might arrive alone and meet Mr Darcy 🙂 not even expecting it, and have the start of the new book …never knows, but Castle hides so many things…that are for me to know, and for you to find out 💒




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