Lady with a tattos 😻

Today journey was really special one! First, train was late, started from 30 min up to 1hr and 15 min delay…I said to myself, ok…everything happens for a reason, so who knows why this delay is good. Than, finally, I manage to get to my seat, put my legs up on the front seat, take my iPad and start watching some of my movie collections…On the seat next to mine, I spotted an interesting girl. Long, blond hair, you know one of the really nice hairs, thick, and good quality, a bit messy, but nice, you can spot her from a distance. I like to look people first in the eyes, and than to make a loo on their hands. I do not know why, but I love hands, they tell so much about people, their life, work, care, sometimes, they can say more than eyes can say. We can train to make a look, but we cannot change the life marks on our hands. My Lady, had a black jumper, with long sleeves, longer than you will expect, so I could not spot immediate, but eventually i saw she has a lot of tattos on her both hands. Some were on the fingers, and than seemed that all hands are covered. Let me speak to you frankly, I am not a fan of tattos at all. I always wondered, why would you paint your body!!! Come on, if you want attention, and to be spotted there are other ways. Also, I always was scared of people with tatto, because, I will think they might be cruel one, with no feeling, no emotions, just pure animal instinct that is leading them. However, thanks to French train, that we had to leave and wait for 1  hr and 30 min extra in Lille to transfer to train to Brussels, I start speaking with this wonderful woman, my Lady. She was nice and very polite, and we just decided to go for a coffee and just go with the flow and try not to miss the last train :-). And than I discover the real beauty of the person sitting next to me. If I ever thought I had a hard life, I was really wrong! My life is walk in the park compared with her story. She almost did  not have a childhood as she says, had a mother that was very ill, and she took care at the age of 8 more about her mum than her mum looked after her. She was mums savior, and I can understand those words, when a child save mother…and we lose the border between the parent and child, and the relationship turns into something else. She lost her mother at the age of 16, and met her own father near age of 20 and lost him shortly after… During a tough time, she went from anorexia to many other look for myself stages…and she started to pain her own body, not to get attention, but to fight life and remind herself that life is going on that there is a light in life no matter what! That today and tomorrow are what matters, and past should stay behind, where it belongs. She showed me the story of her life on her hands, and that will stay in all time to come to remind her that she still standing. My Lady, in all terms of that word, is a painter, artistic soul…full of empathy and sympathy, understand people more than many others around, with Rolex on their hands, and diamond rings. Her heart is big, open, and amazingly, she will not recommend tattos to young kids, or maybe not to anyone…I learned that for her it was a light and source of going through the day by day, to manage through the tunnel named life. She thought me a big lesson of life, that even when one battle is lost, war still goes on, and we should fight and stand until the very end. Bravo my Lady for all the courage and for caring the burden of life on hands…you will make a perfect mother to your daughter one day.




34 thoughts on “Lady with a tattos 😻

  1. It was so wonderful that you stepped outside your comfort zone and talked with the lady. We too get so fascinated with the why’s of people tattooing themselves. So much to learn from others when we open our hearts and minds. We too look at hands and the stories they can tell about a persons life.

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      1. I tried to do the same thing..
        I have learnt to over the years of being corrected and learn that all is not what meets the 👀 eyes …

        Everyone has a story…
        And the reasons are often valid…


  2. Oh my gosh, Silvija, your writing is so enveloping for the reader! We got to see through your eyes as you first thought, here is a person I would never want to talk to or get to know, to, here is a person I can like and admire for her struggles. I love that sense of the undiscovered person inside of a person whom you just see from the outside at first. Lovely voice in this!

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  3. First of all:.. love Elton John..
    thanks for sharing that song
    Now.. your story goes to show we can’t just people by their appearances..
    without first knowing their stories..
    glad you take time to learn her reasons for all her tattoos..
    and get a glimpse into her journey..
    people like her make us realize that our struggles are so minimal in comparison..

    Sometimes it’s worth knowing someone.. they can teach us a lot ..

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  4. I would never have the ability to share in depth with a person met in passing but obviously your encounter was very enriching. I have one tattoo, will get no more. I find it peculiar that many people say they get tattoos as a way of expressing themselves Huh ? I thought you expressed yourself in a poem, art, dance, song. civic activism, nurturing others and living with a kind and charitable heart. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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