Shopaholic and I like it :-)

It is the time of season when all is on sale! i wonder, if people are on sale too??? In the stores there are million people cowling around, fighting for the stuff, and all look so tired, but still happy. I love to shop! And I have expensive taste…though I cannot always get what I really want and like, at least I can look and think and plan for the moment when I get the opportunity, what I will buy first. So when, the right moment comes, I am not surprised, and cannot handle the temptation, but I will be ready, and I will storm in few favorite stores. First I will do Edward Anchore, followed by G Armani, and Cartier :-)…than I will get a coffee break in Dior, and than I will stop by Chanel. Let me speak frankly, Edward Anchore is a brand that is like Chanel, but I think better quality and not so expensive. Even looks and feels nicer than Chanel. Trust me, Chanel is not what it used to be anymore…textile is very hard and not so smooth, and the classy one can be found maybe in some vintage stores…Still they are kings for begs, and glasses…pearls are very fancy, but not worth money. Anyway, Chanel remains a still stop for a few small things… Amaizingly, I can go to the stores, and I do not have in mind a single sting that I really need, but than once I am there, i can find so many that I cannot live without :-)…How is that possible??? I do not know…I wonder, does that makes me shopaholic? Dreamer?? Or just a simple woman 🙂 as many others out there, just with bit more expensive taste and never enough money :-)… Well, I let you decide…in the mean time, I will have to face my fears and guess what, go shopping for what I can get, and plan for what I will get when the things are on place- I mean money …

Love you



10 thoughts on “Shopaholic and I like it :-)

  1. When I come to Europe I have a long list of things that are not available in Costa Rica…or cost an arm and a leg there. I amass these things and finally have a day when I can shop for me….by which time I am too tired to care!
    But i will have to care…I am running out of presentable handbags….
    A good tip about Edward Anchore….thanks!


  2. Hi there, Wolford! I’m a recovering shop-a-holic… lol
    But now that you’re talking about these places and I’m planning a trip to Paris in the Fall, I’m debating if I should shop at champs or galeries lafayette where it’s a one-stop-shop indoors. 😉

    Anyway, I would like to let you know that you’re one of the few that I have decided to put on my list for the “Blogger Recognition Award” because of the great things that you do in the blogosphere.

    Here’s the link to it if you’d like to check it out:

    I know that some people have an “award-free blog” or are just too busy to do these things and I understand completely if you decide not to participate. I just want share this as a gesture of my appreciation.

    More power to you!

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      1. Thanks for the tips. I can see myself wearing those outfits. They’re really nice! I’m not sure they’re available here in the US coz I have not heard of this brand. Thanks again.


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