Africa in my heart πŸ’–πŸ’“

I had opportunity to visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in Summer 2015. I remember when we arrived it was something totally different that I ever could imagine. Group of people were dancing at the airport, they were so smiley, and danced in the rhythm of the drums. Than we had a drive to Victoria Falls hotel, and that was just beautifulΒ place. All were so kind and nice, and I just could not wait to see the Falls, that I heard so much about. Than we went for a walk finally, and while walking towards the Falls, firs i could hear the sound of water and than to see the fog of water drops…and yes, here you go…those glorious, huge mountains of water that are rolling down and making a spray of drops around. Many people taking pictures. I was just in haven of happiness.I think if I even saw just that I will be glad and appreciate, but trust me what came after that was just like seeing the king of queens in person :-). We had a nice dinner in the restaurant, while you can here the sound of Falls far away, and enjoy that. Animals were walking around, and all was just so different than anything before that. Day after, early in the morning, it was time for my first game drive. It was cold, and I was surprised, that after being so hot during the day, you wake up in such a cold weather…Yes, we saw a reasonable things, not too much, but for me was all just like a dream. We were so fortunate to see Luna Rainbow!!!! Victorian Falls are one of 3or 4 places in the world where you can see that, and we were more than lucky, since it was Full Moon two nights in a raw which is exception itself. I did not know that something like that exist at all…until I saw it :-)…Magnificent, is all I can say.After a few days there, it was time to take a trip to Muchenje resort in Botswana. Ahhhhhhh…I really cannot describe all of that. There we saw so many of buffaloes running, lions, many, many elephants, all but leopard. Than we took a drive back to Victorian Falls, and with a small plain we had an 1 and 30 min flight to Linkwasha resort in Zimbabwe… Really, something that is breathtaking. Best of best. I was scared of the flight though, and did not enjoy whole view since I spend half of trip freaking out, but after it was nice. Way we wre accommodated, was something that you cannot have in Ritz for sure. This was better…You have it all, and you can take a shower while elephants are walking around. We did walking Safari, and that was an experience that was worth effort :-)…trying to escape elephants, and learning so much about nature from or ranger Luis. Than we moved to Mana Pool resort in Zimbabwe, and had chance to experience the rivers and different kind of birds. Funny thing happened when we after one morning game came back to our tent, and there were baboon inside, that was jumping around, looking for a cookies:-).. It was an kind of tricky situation, since the elephants were walking close to tent too…and believe it or not, I learned in Africa that those huge Dumbo, that is an example of happiness and fun for kids, can be actually very dangerous!!!!! So it was an I will rather say funny risky and freaky situation :-)… I did some fishing, and managed to catch the big one I have a picture with. When the time came to go back, I did not want to leave, just wanted to stay there and enjoy the nature, animals, and freedom that you can see in Africa. Even people are poor, they are happy!!! I never saw so many kids smiling while whole village taking a bath in the Zambezi river. Were we happy, I do not know for the other part, but I was very happy. This was and will remain the trip of my lifetime. Unfortunately, somehow I lost a lot of pictures, and the person who took me to that trip is gone, so I cannot recover them but I will always have that Luna rainbow and carry Africa in my heart. I will go back this summer to Namibia, and I am sure will be beautiful, because Safari and Africa cannot go wrong no matter if you are in the wrong company :-)…even the wrong person next to you seems as a good one…

Love Africa πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Africa in my heart πŸ’–πŸ’“

  1. Wonderful photos – and your writing voice is so engaging. You have a gift! for describing your experience in a complete and thoughtful way. (very much like usathroughoureyes does) Are you planning to return to Africa someday?


  2. I visited Victoria Falls on the Zambian side a few years ago. It was truly unforgettable. I remember staying at the River Club in Zambia and fishing in the Zambezi River. I also spent some time in Botswana. Stayed in three different safari camps and can’t remember the names of all of them but one was Mambo. It was the most memorable trip I have ever taken.

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