One day at work!

I love my job…and I like people I am working with. Even some days can be stressful and busy, we can still find time for being a good team and cooperate. Sometimes, as the other day, we were trying to exercise and capture it…some of the movements, to break the routine of every day. I must say, we had a lot of laughs, and it was an nice funny day, that I enjoyed a lot ..I know I will be sad the day when I have to move on,and I will miss some people a lot, but also new opportunities will open a new friendships, experience and who knows…Let’s see soon :-)…I will surely keep writing my impressions .Please enjoy some of the poses…at least mine πŸ™‚




8 thoughts on “One day at work!

  1. You look like you’re having fun. It’s good that you enjoy your work. My OBG loves to deliver babies. He is a great guy. His patients love him. I go to him for gyn. What do you do if you move on? My orthopaedic surgeon wanted to be in administration, but he found out he like to work with people more than admin. I was in education, and in administration, I loved it. I got Ed.D. and now retired. I’m learning different things for fun.

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