Cheating and cheaters😜😱😳

This is an very sensitive topic I know, but I must touch it and put some of my thoughts. We are all scared of cheating, most of us, no matter if we are females or males.. no one wants to be the betraid side. I wonder what is a border line for cheating ? Is there are an trashold that we can say, until here it is ok, from here it is cheating. When the real cheating starts? And if you are in a partnership (marriage) -where are you not completed and quite happy, but just can’t call it off , and you look for sympathy and bit of attention- is that cheating at all? Is a dream about situation where you fleart with someone consider already a cheating? I’m lost…I have so many questions, and no answers really. Today I was chritisized that I’m latent chater 😜😍because I believe that need for love and thought about gentle evening even you are bonded with someone else, is a sign of cheating ! Love comes in different forms, and sometimes even we love person next to us, if that person doesn’t complete us, why not dreaming of situations where you feel completed. Nothing happened, but it makes you feel better. When teenagers we dream about actors, celebrities…and even as an adults we like some movie stars, and that is considered ok-since chances we will hook up with any celebrity is low. So that is not cheating … but thinking about let’s say man or woman next door, or boss, collegue in the office or man from a shopping mall that fought your special attention is prone to be seen as a first step in cheating 😱. We all know, that no matter how much we were in love in person next to us, eventually those feelings when we are irrational and have boost of hormones will go away , and than stays love, in form of respect. I don’t know what to think…im absolutely lost and confused. Society says what is acceptable, and what is not…but at the end, we have this one life, and we should comfort ourselves on the first place. Because, life is like an airplane, and when you are not quite happy, it’s like when the oxygen starts dropping down in aircraft, so who will you put the mask on first? To yourself, because if you don’t save and help yourself first, you can’t help person next to you…but does it mean you should go for everything you like, well, definitely not, but at least a dream about something else can be forgiven?! Or not 😳😍😝


Silvija ❤️


7 thoughts on “Cheating and cheaters😜😱😳

  1. I can’t answer from a secular point of view, but for a Christian, day dreaming of a different spouse is off limits. If you promised before God to stay with your husband or wife until one of you dies, you should not be looking for alternatives. You are flirting with danger if you even imagine being with someone else, because people have a tendency to follow their dreams.

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  2. Speaking completely from a non-religious and practical point of view, all I can say from my own personal experience is that it’s the worst mistake you can make. In the short run it’s great — there is nothing better than unrequited love. But in the long run? It’s an empty experience and bound to make you feel guilty and mournful. I wish you the best on whichever road you take. Cheers. -Marty

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    1. I can’t agree more.. I write just my thoughts and questions, not personal experience! At least not yet … but I always question things , even right and wrong, trying to find a pattern of possible! Thank you 😊!

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  3. Dreaming is ok. We must cherish that freedom. Touching is a different matter. One should always be respectful and truthful to a partner. Plus the grass is never greener…

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  4. All the comments made to this point are great. I agree with Anne position completely. When one allows their thoughts to stray soon thereafter they body will follow. I run from any temptation and the love for my spouse continues to grow. When love truly exist between a man and a woman there is nothing more beautiful. Temptation is always there for all of us but it gets right down to choice… choice between do I and live with it or don’t and live with it. For me the choice is easy.

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