This is it!

It was a while I did not write…too much to do, and no inspiration. I am inspired now, by the moment of feeling just sick over one man. You know those people who wants to make you believe in their emotions…and they know you are sensitive and emotional person! And, yes one of those characters, almost gone with it that I believe his words, acting, and statements…Thanks to the fact, that even the best manipulator ever, cannot keep it up, and will say something to show his real face, I managed to pull the break, and wake up, and finally see the things more clearly and understand…

One thing is sure, no way I will go for it ever again…I feel sorry, that might be out there still people who really care, and do not make up things…and who deserve a chance of trust, but after all, I think I will not be able to trust anyone…

Love Silvija



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