Adventure Italy 2017

It was a while I did not write a thing…too many things happened, but nothing really so important to make me write. In July, I started my new chapter – Italy tour :-), a try to change a life, start something new, and write a new chapter, or maybe to start writing a new book. This year, must be the year for me…Siena is a place to stay for a period of life, how long who knows? Me? I should, absolutely, but I have no idea. I never know, when I go somewhere how long it will last…I hope for a lifetime, but than something comes up, and I have to reset the time :-). How long will I carry on, who knows! I want to be happy, I want that feeling to last, as I feel now…I am alone, with my children, than I get tired of them even (yes, even I love them most in the world, they go on my nerves in occasions)…and than I have my getaway…Siena, Tuscany …so beautiful. Fields are golden, with stone houses in a middle, just like in a movies, even way better. Roads are narrow, and you drive uphill and than downhill, and it is so beautiful. I feel there like I live actually in a parallel world! No, better to say in a parallel life…one that is like imagination, so good, and more real than the reality:-)…all my fears are gone, I feel just a Tuscan sun on my skin, I put a sunglasses on, turn the music, (or book that I can listen), and I drive, and drive, miles, and miles…I go to all those small, Tuscan villages, where history is alive, and there is no past or future…it is just that moment of dream in a dream of perfection. I do not even hear people, nothing, just a sound of a hot wind, that blows my hair, and makes me feel like I am flying. All monsters, are gone, and there are just a peace…I come home, I turn the lights in my house, and than the cool night wind starts…i hear music far away, and I am there all by myself, alone but not lonely, I have no fears, I just close my eyes…and dream of a endless summer in Italy, can be endless life.. Someone said , when life gives you twists and turns, chic yourself up in Tuscany! Now I understand..




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