Driving through Swiss

On Sunday afternoon, I was driving few hrs through the Swiss…what a beauty, I like part that is closer to Italy, than one n France border though but impression remains. However, it is not just a beauty of the country that made that day, but also, I was thinking about life, love, and future. Wonder, what is future? Is it what will happen next min or next day, year…or in next life? Can future be changed? Can someone change the path? Where I am going to end? Swiss? Italy? Belgium? Well I want to be in Antwerp…there is something with that city, so special, but I cannot at this moment…Swiss, has that natural, untouched, preserved beauty…I must admit, Basel is not so special, and I do not quite fancy the nature around, it is flat, and yes nicely green, but feels like something already familiar… but than, the black pearls start to pop up in front of you, in a picture of high mountains, lakes, some rivers…all those small villages that I can see are just so romantic…far away, melted with the forest, and in the evening you can see lights, that seems more as a forest stars. You know, what forest starts are? That is the one that were too good or to independent to stay with the moon, so they dared to step into the twilight zone of the Swiss forest, and shine in the night…just enough to show you the road, to the everlasting peaceful home… That is how I feel about those houses in Swiss, that I can see from the road. Lakes are dark, green with the shades of dark brown…and than, all of the sudden, just on the parking place, while I was taking some few pic…here you go…behind some door, I am entering area, for walking, running…and guess what…river…light gray!!!!  Behind the river is huge rocky mountain, look so scary, but than I could feel it has a soul too..it is just one lonely place, alone, but happy and enjoy the singing of the floating river…It was not enough time to stay and wait for the night to kick in, and make it all so proud and dark, scary, but romantic…I continua my way, and was just sucking all the beauty of the nature in me…and I cannot wait enough to be on the road again, and see that again, and again…and I will take more pic…






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