Hope and prejudice ♫♬♪♩

They say hope dies last, I just wonder what is hope? Is that the feeling? If that is a feeling, so is that all the fears and anxiety in our body that makes us think things will change and get better eventually…That feeling is horrible, and I would rather not hope in that case. Or it is a positive feeling, that will ultimately lead us towards the most wanted solution? So we are trilled, as we convince our self that what we see with our eyes, is not actually that, but will turn into something else, better, what is our secret desire. Our sub mind, is so complex, just on the surface…but in reality, nothing is complex, all is very simple, more or less in two shades – black and white. I believe that we invented those shades on purpose, to make people hope… And if hope is a thought, than why would we have those thoughts..I always want to know situation, and hoping is in my view very devastating thought that will not lead to better tomorrow, but rather further disappointments.  On the other hand, we all hope, for better days, love, new fresh start in life, future, recovery…we hope for magical solutions, but we do not believe in magic. Hope dies last! When is that? Do we hope until the last breath…or we continua hoping in the afterlife…or we hope until the new things and feelings kick in so they replace those fears and monsters inside of us, with a glittering shine of the morning after sky? Is hope implied with the prejudice we have? We all have some prejudice in our mind, and I think we form most of them actually as a kids, and that is why so difficult to erase or replace them in our mind. But do we create our hopes based on our prejudice? I have no idea, just throwing my thoughts around and think…can we link things that most people will say is not possible to link, bcs of whatever reason? And I wonder, our dreams, are they ,made of our hopes and prejudice, just with the flavor of the magic we do not want, dare or simply we do not believe in? Can we change our dreams? I see that my dreams from childhood improved in some ways, and that my possibilities get really shocked in occasions by my dreams… I have a new dream, so big, that at this moment seems impossible, but on the other hand,   I like challenge, and to turn impossible missions in a rather mission difficult and still make it happen…Can I do it? I will certainly try, I like sometimes to throw myself in unknown deep water, and see what will happen…unknown is beautiful thing in life, could be scary, could be mistake, could be magic…just dare to try  ☺ .

Am I the main character in the last book I am reading? Than thanks to my light form of dyslexia so it will take a while before I see who am I LOL  ☺  ☺  ☺  ☺  ☺




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